There are many reasons why a company might need external capital. Every situation has its own characteristics, which is why each investment process requires a tailor-made approach. NoorderHuys has ample experience with management buy-outs, growth capital and succession within family businesses.

The companies that NoorderHuys invests in have a demonstrable track record and a substantial position in their market, the management has a clear vision of the future, and the company is ‘in control’. As shareholder NoorderHuys will not carry out any operational activities, but will act as a sparring partner for the management where strategic, financial, organisational and management issues are concerned. Thanks to its experience with a wide range of companies in various branches, the fund management has developed a good feeling for the various situations that might occur.

At the start of an investment the business strategy will be one of the topics that will be discussed with the management. The management has a leading role in defining this strategy. The management always is or becomes co-shareholder. The defined strategy will form a basis for joint shareholder status.

NoorderHuys always acts as shareholder for a fixed term. Together with the management and/or other shareholders basic agreements regarding a long-term sale are made in advance. Investments usually run for 4 to 6 years.